Sunday 24 Sep 2023

Claudio Bonanni

pittore, painter, peintre

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Claudio H. Martelli
Bonanni's paintings are never reduced to an outline of expected truism, they are always interested in matter and colour, available to diversified pictorial solutions but in a unitary and well set speech. We are struck by the playfulness of light, by an amazed and positive look pausing on the landscape and the particular, conferring to the work a silent and airy poetry.
Luigi Sassi
I write of Claudio Bonanni, a good, innocent unforesseable young painter, heedless of his success, pushed to paint by his desire "to make his painting" (his own words). His careful eye and particular chromatism perceive the silent voices of Latium villas, roman walls, romantic paths from which submitted voices go out. He lives with his pure creed of artist, of a young man who believes in his work. He paints in silence, in concentration, outside the noises of the world, faithful to himself and a poetic way of life.
Maria Visintini
According to Bonanni, art is passion, study, search, perseverance but, above all, "joy" and "poetry". He doesn't want to astonish anyone, he remains faithful to himself. In his work the spontaneity of creation goes well with the absolute mastery of the job. His oils show an immediacy of layout and design, a structural synthesis that harmonizes every level, an intense musicality, strong colours. Landscapes, figures, portraits, died natures, are the result of a great figurative culture, they are not only a simple instinctive operation. His painting is coherent, pleasant, natural, neither leaps nor repentances, always supported by the elegance of his sign and the shrewd distribution of the colour. This exhibition shows us the seriousness and the exquisite sensibility of the artist. From every painting there's a spring of fresh, continuous and live poetry of live reality.
A. Tosoni
It was sheer chance that i met Claudio Bonanni, but I have the certainty to have known a valid, serene and sensitive person when I have seen some of his paintings. The places he likes tell us his personal meeting with mystery, light and shadows, nature, with splendid and bright colours. The sweet, pure and delicate expression in children portraits, seems to reveal the spell of mind in front of the true beauty of infancy, still intact and joyful. In front of his pictures I have found a real satisfaction to my personal search of depth and inspiration in nature and man. I think that this satisfaction of intimate and feeling, this joyful serenity, could be felt by anyone in front of this vital painting, so warm, tender, suffused with mysterious spell (enjoyment), his art, word and sensation of a fleeting reality.


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